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Real Estate Is Our Passion

Elevate your real estate experience with the Aviator Properties Team (APT) at Coldwell Banker Realty - Brookline. Led by Team Leader, Evan Blaustein, we're an agile team within our global brokerage committed to delivering superior results representing our clients' interests buying or selling residential real estate.

APT approaches real estate like a pilot flies a plane: with precision, passion and professionalism, always towards your destination. We use checklists, technology, refined skills, and proven processes to safely and securely navigate you through the oftentimes turbulent real estate journey like an ace Aviator.

With every satisfied client comes an exciting journey and the ultimate responsibility of landing your transaction on solid ground.  As your trustworthy co-pilots, we employ our own APT Preflight, Flight Tracking, and Landing Guidance systems to home in on your perfect destination while maximizing your results and value.

So, if you're ready for take-off and to make your next big move, Aviator Properties Team will deliver you safely there. Smoothest landings guaranteed.